The Purplebeanie World Tour 2002-3
Jessica's Photos
Thailand Aug-Sept Roll 0 Roll 1
Singapore-Malaysia Sept-Oct Roll 2
Indonesia November Roll 3
Australia Dec-Jan Glebe Village Roll 4 Roll 5 Roll 6 Roll 7
Australia Feb-Apr Roll 8 Roll 9 Roll10 Roll11
Norwich May Roll12
Australia May-Jun Roll13 Roll14
New Zealand Jul Roll15 NZ Extras
Fiji Jul  
USA-LA Jul  
Meanwhile in England NY2003 Pinner New Year 03
Jessica Johnson 2002-3 All rights reserved.
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The photos are numbered like this... The first two digits are the film roll number starting at 00. The second two digits give the frame number. On some rolls the frames are in the reverse order of being taken. Any following letter identifies a cropped or altered version.